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24-Jul-2016 13:40

We take the work out of debt management through debt consolidating: combining your payments into a single, predictable monthly payment. The average credit card interest rate is around 15% APR.

You chose the day of the month that works best for you, based on your personal budget and payroll schedule. That’s .00 per year for every 0 you carry in debt. Here’s a scenario to help you better understand traditional debt consolidation.

He could get out of debt in less than five years instead of taking more than 15. And he had this to say about the program: “Five Stars.

The program did exactly what the counselor promised and I couldn’t be happier.

Debt consolidation programs are offered by debt consolidation companies and by nonprofit credit counseling agencies.

Debt Consolidation without a loan is an innovative solution by In Charge Debt Solutions.

Instead of worrying about multiple bills to pay off each month, you only have to worry about one.

The main advantages of this are: There are many types of bill consolidation, from student loan consolidation, to credit balance transfers, to home equity loans and other forms of secured debt consolidation.