Intimidating shout pvp taylor dooley and taylor lautner dating

19-Nov-2016 14:34

We lost our heavy armor penetration from colossus smash. To be fair, we could still put out some damage, but that was it.

We were a one trick pony, and now we are starting to get better.

This guide is designed to fulfill your Arms Pv P question needs, and help you get ready for 5.2. Some would say they aren't flashy, but this is the opposite today. After they decided we would no longer be 2-4 shotting everyone, we found the mace stun effect.

The goal is to update this regularly and keep its contents current and efficient. When you play a warrior, you should be able to cross a battlefield very quickly, flying all over the place in an instant should you so choose. Since the crafting of the arcanite reaper, and non-normalized special attacks, warriors were 2-4 shotting everyone in sight. However to gain this power, we had to sacrifice the ability to do anything at range, and also the susceptibility to crowd control effects. This was a stupid ability, that no one should like due to its RNG nature and bad overall feel. in season 5 it was better to have a hunter in just about every situation.

Sup guys, As a title says can someone help me with pvp(arena). I have no clue how to start using macros or how to setup them.

Was wondering if anyone knows a way (Macro) to trick intimidating shout to work as an aoe fear like psychic scream?

It could be quite nifty for cc like focus-intercept/charge to a caster casting to stop his cast and then do fear onto him without actually targetting him in order to stop him from casting for around 7 secs total (Assuming you are dps'ing his alli and not him).

The biggest issue is we can't control our bleeds whatsoever outside of stopping our rotation entirely.

If you pressing a healer and the fc is going down, you decided to shout and switch targets.Please keep it civil if you can, I'd like this to be a place a new warrior can look and not get too much drama, just good debates and discussion to help them out.:1. Armor penetration seemed to be another saving crutch. We lost armor penetration, but gained colossus smash which gave us silly burst on short cooldown.

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