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Just recently, I corralled my girlfriend into watching ALL THREE SEASONS of the show, a decision which brought back fond memories as well as a minor case of PTSD.Since bingeing the series in the span of a just few days, I’ve done some major creeping to find out what these ladies have been up to since the started and ended.It was Whitney who told her to take the summer internship in Paris instead of hanging out with her loser boyfriend, Jason; who said she was better off without Heidi in her life; who convinced Lauren that if you don't feel "the spark" with a guy you are dating, you should just move on.

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And even though her best friend from high school, Roxy Olin, is moving to New York to be by her side, her nemesis and former coworker, Olivia Palermo, will still be in the picture as they cross paths in the cutthroat fashion world."They wish to thank everyone who has supported them through this journey." PHOTOS: Andi Dorfman's season Soules kept quiet following the news, but broke his silence via Twitter just hours after Bischoff did. " Want stories like these delivered straight to your inbox? "From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your outpouring love, kindness and support! "The main one is a friend of mine — a lady friend who has known me since high school.

She has always been someone, since day one, who has said something whenever I'm an asshole, or also if I'm doin' something positive — but more so when I'm out of my element," he said.By Carissa Rosenberg Whitney Port doesn't know how to be fake.