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11-May-2016 13:40

Those male/female differences are the reasons why, in the early stages of dating, it pays huge dividends to let a guy take the lead.

Long ago, I thought that gender differences didn't matter in relationships.

With the passage of time atoms of radiogenic Pb gradually replaced uranium and thorium atoms.

If, at one instant in time, all the lead in the area under discussion was removed in solution and deposited as a lead ore, then this would preserve a record of the isotopic balance of lead at the time.

There's something magical about this scenario: Grown-up guy meets quality girl he's really into; he pursues and works to win her love and respect. "Honey, we need to talk," isn't solely a woman's responsibility.

WOld-fashioned, maybe, but the concept is timeless. He earns her respect when he steps up and confidently takes the lead.3. This is important for the work he will have to do later.

The mineral incorporates uranium and thorium atoms into its crystal structure, but strongly rejects lead.

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