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Moments later the woman uploaded a recording of the striptease and told him she would post it online unless he paid 0 (£132) into an online account based in the Philippines.She also produced a list of his Facebook friends, including his mother, sister, uncles and cousins and threatened to send them the images if he did not pay up.Chatroulette, they say, is a "predator's paradise." Though users of the site must confirm that they are at least 16 years old and that they agree not to broadcast obscene, offending or pornographic material, some legal experts -- including one who saw the dangers firsthand -- say those barriers can be easily bypassed and can connect children with sexual predators and child molesters."Parents should keep all children off the site because it's much too dangerous for children," Dr.

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Anupam Chander, a law professor at the University of California-Davis, said he saw "clear indecency" within 10 minutes of going on Chatroulette.Over the next two days she repeatedly contacted him demanding more money.He transferred £240 before refusing to send any more and called police.To get started you simply visit, sign into Facebook and authorize Airtime to see your Facebook contacts, likes, subscriptions, and so on.

Airtime uses that information to connect you with like-minded people — or at least those who share a least one of your interests (an "interest" can be defined as something about you, like your birth date or where you work or went to school — as long as you've made those details visible on Facebook).

The victim, in his 20s and from Leeds, was secretly filmed undressing by the trickster, who threatened to post the recording on video sharing website You Tube and send the stills to his family on Facebook.