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Peers provide callers with important resources and information about mental health and substance abuse.

More importantly, peers are able to offer support and understanding as they have firsthand experience with mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Is drawing on school books, desks, or walls vandalism? Have your personal things, or a building you regularly visit ever been vandalized?

All calls are answered by peers, people who have firsthand experience with mental illness and/or substance abuse. Learn more information about the Peer Recovery Call Center.

How to Help Several strategies are useful for helping equip your child to resist peer pressure and become a more independent decision maker.

my husband and I have really been thinking about the reality of adult peer pressure.

The current study reports on learner outcomes only.

Measures include computer, social support, and mental health-related outcomes.

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What kinds of things are vandalized in your country? Six participants who had successfully completed the TAP1 training were selected to be peer tutors.Data were collected from tutors and learners at baseline, three months, six months and nine months (three months after the end of training).A key component of social work ethics is social justice and equitable access to resources. This study addresses issues related to the 'digital divide' by testing a peer tutor model (Technology and Aging Project, TAP2) to teach adults aged 60 and older how to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) such as email, the internet, online chat rooms and discussion groups, internet-based support groups, and voice technology and webcams.

Participants from the control group of a previous programme, TAP1 (N=19) participated in a six-month computer training programme.Overall, the peer tutor model appeared to be at least as effective as the previous staff-directed model. TY - JOURT1 - Outcomes from a peer tutor model for teaching technology to older adults AU - Woodward, Amanda Toler AU - Freddolino, Paul P. AU - Bakk, Louanne AU - Kobayashi, Rie AU - Tupper, Caitlin AU - Panci, John AU - Blaschke-Thompson, Christina M.

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