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Have trekked in Patagonia where condors came flying and I got see and live an outdoor environment first hand. Would be Great to have some friend to meet by the way.Also numerous trips to Swedish fjllen where I've seen the Northern light and also been to reindeer calving showing valuables. Its always nice to hear from u Zealanders about awesome NZ.Positive and happy man seeking company in both nature and cultural adventures. Sweden become to bit danger unpredictable place to stay with kids and we got tired to read every week about something new.Have been a researcher and lecturer and been to many places and always looked for the sights and places that have given me interesting and new experiences. First of all we would like to visit NZ for two weeks in December to have a look etc.In 1999 the Swedish government became the first in the world to make it a crime to buy sex but not to sell it.The ABC's Europe correspondent Mary Gearin travelled to Sweden to witness firsthand how the law had changed lives.Not long after Wikimedia Sverige created the website to publish images and metadata about artworks placed in public spaces in Sweden, BUS, a pro-copyright lobby, advocated that it constituted infringement on the artists' copyright.The current lawsuit opposes the interpretation of Wikimedia — that artwork permanently installed in public space should be subject to the Freedom of Panorama exception that is in effect in Sweden — to that of BUS — that is creation (Swedish language: I en tid när alla har en schyst kamera i mobilen, så är man mer än lovligt naiv om man tror att man kan placera sina verk i det offentliga rummet utan att riskera att de avbildas och läggs ut på nätet.

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I'm a 30 years old Swede with dreams of moving to Canada in the future. I am a free spirit and I love to spend quality time being happy and productive.:) I dont smoke or drink but i dont judge either. I like that Facebook is required to sign up for HER because it helps keep out pathetic men who get off by pretending to be lesbians on the internet.

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